Technical Support

Technical support is provided to licensed distributors through in-house training that is only available to our licensees.

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It is part of our mission at Fiber-Seal to educate our distributors by keeping them up to date with the most recent technological advances in the market and to provide them with exclusive premium products, a variety of informational resources, training classes on-demand, and on-call technical support.

Technical Newsletter

Technical Tips and Newsletters

At the headquarters in Dallas, Texas, we publish and distribute a variety of newsletters that offer technical tips and other information so that our licensees are able to learn about current trends in our industry. It is very important to us that our distributors are able to provide the superior service and smart solutions that Fiber-Seal clients have grown to expect.

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On-call Assistance

No issue is too small. We welcome our licensees' calls for technical assistance and support. Not only that, we share the information received by the licensees, so that all of our Fiber-Seal distributors can learn from the experience.

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Annual Training Classes (Advanced and Basic)

We offer pre-scheduled training classes throughout the year. Basic and Advanced Technical training are offered so that our distributors and their staffs can continue their education in protection, cleaning, and maintenance of interior textiles.

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In addition to all other technical support, our Technical Department produces live webinars with a variety of topics to help continue the education of Fiber-Seal Owners and their Technicians. All webinars are archived and available to our licensees in the Owner Resources section of the